Research Services

The Office of Research Services provides broad-based support to all University of Ottawa Heart Institute researchers. Activities and support provided by the Research Services Office include:

  • Ongoing communication for everything research related: This includes information on funding opportunities, seminars and other useful internal and external information.
  • Support during the Pre-Award processes: Administrative Review for all grant applications.
  • Support during the Post-Award processes: Setting up OHIRC research accounts, assistance in obtaining all ethical documentation for the timely release of funds and guidance in allowed expenditures and etc.
  • Management of the UOHI Internal Grant Review Program and other reviews and competitions.
  • Scientist performance management: Coordination of the annual Scientists Review and Performance Evaluation process, metrics of research and benchmarking.
  • Oversight of Research Management processes: Coordinating internal committee meetings, coordinating education and discussion sessions for faculty members, facilitating collaborations through affiliation with the University and the Hospital.
  • Support to trainees: Managing the UOHI travel awards process, assistance with coordination of Work In Progress rounds and linkages with the University of Ottawa.
  • Support for infrastructure and core resources: Management and coordination of service contracts, repairs to institute supported equipment, statistical software licenses and organizing product seminars and training.
  • Organization/liaison of annual conferences: including the Ottawa International Heart Conference, trainee Research Day and the International Toronto Ottawa Heart Summit.

Research Services Team:

Ann Nguyen, MSc
Director, Research Services
613-696-7000 x18940

Alison Conley 
Manager, Research Services
613-696-7000 x19939

Michelle Campbell 
Advisor, Grants and Strategic Initiatives

Velislava Tzaneva, PhD
Grants Officer

Rebecca Moreno 
Knowledge Translation Officer
613-696-7000 x14342

Vivian Franklin
Senior Officer, Laboratory Research Resources
613-696-7000 x14468

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