Cardiac Arrhythmia Research

Our research program is very patient focused. In general we have two criteria when considering starting a new project.  Firstly, is there an important clinical research question to be answered?  Secondly, does our group have the necessary experience, skills, resources and collaborations to be able to answer the question?


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Current Team members

Manager Clinical Research-Arrhythmia Group/ Project Manager:
Karen MacDonald (@email)

Administration Support:
Ms. Keri O’Reilly (@email)

Research Coordinators:
Tammy Knight (@email)
Sarika Naidoo (@email)

Graduate Student:
Krystina Lewis, RN (@email)

Collaborating Investigators at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute:
Pablo Nery, MD
Girish Nair, MD


  1. Cardiac Sarcoidosis Cohort Study (CHASM-CS). Co-Principal Investigator: Dr. Pablo Nery.
  2. Correlation of Arrhythmia Mechanism and Substrate to Ablate Persistent Atrial Fibrillation (COAST-AF) pilot study. Principal Investigator:  Dr. Pablo Nery.
  3. Advanced Imaging to Assess the Arrhythmogenic Substrate in Atrial Fibrillation (4AF) Pilot Study. Principal Investigator:  Dr. Pablo Nery
  4. Canadian Heart Rhythm Society Cardiac Implantable Electrical Device Surveillance System (CDSS) – A Pilot Study. Principal Investigator, Dr. Ratika Parkash; Dr. Pablo Nery co-investigator.