Coming to the Heart Institute

At the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, patients come first.

We provide service in both official languages and are committed to providing people with disabilities the same opportunity as other patients to access our services.

The Heart Institute is a smoke-free environment. Patients and visitors may not smoke tobacco or e-cigarettes inside the hospital or on hospital grounds.

If you need assistance, please ask any staff member or one of our volunteers wearing a red jacket.

Consent to Contact

In preparation for your upcoming visit, please take the time to read the Facts and Questions (pdf) sheet. You will be asked at registration for your permission to be contacted for research purposes.

What does this mean for you?

  • Heart Institute healthcare staff will ask your permission for researchers to contact you.
  • Saying yes does NOT mean you are agreeing to participate in a study. It just permits the researchers to contact you.
  • Deciding not to allow permission for the researcher to contact you will NOT affect the care you receive.
  • If you have provided permission, researchers may contact you to discuss your potential for participation in the study.
  • Research participation is completely voluntary!