Medical Devices Training

The Cardiovascular Devices Program advances the research and development of medical devices by training a corps of experts through exceptional mentors in a unique learning environment. The Heart Institute provides education programs for summer students, Masters, PhD, medical/PhD students and post-doctoral fellows.

Our experts help provide advanced training in medical devices for specialized organizations such as the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO), Health Canada’s Medical Devices Bureau, and clinical teams from Canada and elsewhere on the use of specific medical devices technologies.

We have developed medical device expertise across several institutions and helped establish degree granting programs in Biomedical Engineering.

Graduate and Undergraduate Programs
We helped build formal Biomedical Engineering educational programs with the University Ottawa and Carleton University. Both of these Ottawa universities now jointly offer a Biomedical Engineering (M.A.Sc.) through the newly established Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Biomedical Engineering (OCIBME) with new Biomedical Engineering undergraduate programs (Mechanical, Electrical, Software). We serve on the OCIBME Board, and the Heart Institute has direct access to the top graduate students through this program. The Masters program now has 50 students. Undergraduate programs are now enrolling more than 100 students per year.

See the individual program for further information:

Tofy Mussivand, PhD, FRSC
Director, Cardiovascular Devices Program
University of Ottawa Heart Institute
Phone: 613-696-7232