A word about alcohol

We recommend that patients with heart disease do not drink alcohol. If you do drink, it is important that you understand ways to reduce the risk of long-term impacts to your heart and overall health. Low risk guidelines recommend no more than one to two standard drinks per week. If you drink over two drinks per week you are increasing your risk of certain cancers, heart disease and stroke. For more information about your personal risks with the use of alcohol, please speak with your healthcare team.

A standard drink

  • 341 ml (12 oz) 5 % beer or cooler = one standard bottle or can
  • 142 ml (5 oz) 12 % wine = measure and mark on your wineglass
  • 43 ml (1.5 oz) 40 % liquor = use a shot glass or measure three tablespoons

Please note

People who drink often or every day may need support to safely reduce or quit. Please contact your primary care provider (family physician or nurse practitioner) or one of the resources listed below.

For more information, please consult Canada’s Guidance on Alcohol and Health, Public Summary:

Drinking Less Is Better (Infographic) | Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (ccsa.ca).

Resources to support you in managing your alcohol use:

  • Rapid Access to Addictions Medicine Clinic 
    613-722-6521 extension 6508
  • AccessMHA
    Coordinated access and navigation to free mental health, substance use health, and addictions resources in eastern Ontario
  • Connex Ontario
    Mental health and addiction treatment services