Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Guides

Cardiovascular Rehabilitation: Virtual Education Series

Video resources for your cardiovascular rehabilitation. Watch directly on Youtube.



Cardiovascular Rehabilitation: Physical Activity

This program can help you assume responsibility for your own care and get back to your daily routine as soon as possible.

Download Cardiac Rehabilitation: Physical Activity (PDF)


Cardiovascular Rehabilitation: Nutrition

Download Cardiac Rehabilitation: Nutrition (PDF)


Cardiovascular Rehabilitation: Stress Management

Learning about stress and how to manage it will improve both your physical and emotional health, and your overall quality of life.

Download Cardiac Rehabilitation: Stress Management (PDF)


Cardiovascular Rehabilitation: Depression and Anxiety

Information about the nature of depression, depressive symptoms, and anxiety so you can better understand these conditions and seek help if you are struggling.

Download Cardiac Rehabilitation: Depression and Anxiety (PDF)


Cardiovascular Rehabilitation: Sleep Module

Download Cardiac Rehabilitation: Sleep Module (PDF)


Cardiovascular Rehabilitation: Financial Resources and Returning to Work

Download Cardiac Rehabilitation: Financial Resources and Returning to Work (PDF)


Cardiovascular Rehabilitation: Mental Health Resources

Download Cardiac Rehabilitation: Mental Health Resources (PDF)


Cardiac Rehabilitation: Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is a form of physical activity that involves walking using specially designed poles in a manner similar to cross–country skiing.

Download Cardiac Rehabilitation: Nordic Walking (PDF)