Patient Rights and Responsibilities

The University of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI) believes each person is a unique individual whose nature is physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and social. Each person is entitled to dignity and respect, regardless of circumstance or condition.

As a patient of the UOHI, I have the right to:

Respectful Care

  • Receive safe, compassionate and timely care, free from discrimination and abuse.
  • Receive equitable care that considers my culture, background, language, sexual orientation, gender expression and identity.
  • Expect that my values, wishes and beliefs will be included in care plan discussions, including end-of-life care. 

Be Involved

  • Be fully informed of my diagnosis and treatment in a way I understand.
  • Act as an equal partner in planning care that meets my needs.
  • Learn about the hospital policies that apply to me.


  • Raise questions and concerns, knowing my care will not be negatively affected.
  • Know the names and roles of all members of my healthcare team.
  • Know who my main contact is and how to reach them.
  • Ask for a second opinion


  • Choose a person to support me in making decisions about my treatment or care.
  • Decide not to accept treatments recommended by my healthcare team. If I decide not to accept a treatment, I have the right to be informed of the risks.


  • Have my personal information and privacy respected.

As a patient of the UOHI, I have the responsibility to:

Be Respectful

  • Do my part to help create a hospital environment that is free from discrimination or abuse.
  • Respect the rights, privacy, property and diversity of staff, other patients and their families.
  • Understand that the needs of other patients may sometimes be more urgent than my own.
  • Respect the hospital rules and regulations.
  • Understand that a treatment I ask for may not be provided if it is not recommended for medical or ethical reasons.
  • Let my healthcare team know if I cannot attend an appointment.


  • Fully share information about my current condition, past illnesses, hospitalizations and medications.
  • Take part in creating and carrying out my care plan to the best of my abilities.
  • Ask questions if instructions are not clear or cannot be followed.
  • Ensure my healthcare team and my substitute decision maker are aware of my wishes, values and beliefs in case I am unable to make my own health or personal care decisions (advanced care planning).​


  • Take part in discharge planning for leaving the hospital.
  • Settle my account for any costs not covered by my provincial health insurance plan.
  • Leave non-essential valuables, such as jewelry, at home.
  • Take care of my tablets and smart phones, and my assistive devices, like hearing aids and glasses. If I am incapable, my family caregiver will assume responsibility.

Questions or concerns

If you have questions or concerns about these rights and responsibilities, please call Patient Relations at 613-696-7000 extension 19305.

 Download the Patient Rights and Responsibilities (PDF)