Biomarker Discovery and Validation Facility

The Biomarker Identification and Validation Facility, under the direction of Peter Liu, MD, at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI) offers a number of high quality immunoassay as well as the state-of-the-art SOMAScan proteomic services to basic, translational and clinical investigators. We collaborate with regional researchers at the University of Ottawa and other institutions such as Hospital for Sick Children, University of Pennsylvania, and Hospital Universitari Germans Trias i Pujol, Barcelona.

State-of-the-Art Technologies Available

The UOHI Biomarker Facility provides landmark tools for biomarker discovery and validation.

Roche Cobas e411 Analyzer:

The Roche Diagnostics cobas e411 immunoassays system is an automated, random access, multichannel analyzer for immunological analysis. It is designed for both quantitative and qualitative in vitro determination of a wide range of analytes by the use of electrochemiluminescence (ECL) technology. 

The system is unique to our Biomarker Facility, which offers high-sensitivity, rapid turnaround proBNP II, TnT hs, PIGF, sFlt1, GDF-15 and other novel immunoassays for human plasma and serum samples.

Regular ELISA services are also available for assays which are not served by Cobas e411 analyzer.


We have recently added the exciting and powerful new, cutting-edge proteomics assay, SOMAscan, from SomaLogic. The Biomarker Facility is one of a handful of exclusive service providers for this 1310 protein biomarker discovery platform in the world.

SOMAscan (SomaLogic) is a high-multiplex, high-sensitivity aptamer-based immune-like protein and biomarker discovery platform that simultaneously quantifies 1,310 human proteins in all types of protein extracts from bodily fluids such as serum, plasma, urine, saliva, CSF, cyst fluid, and tissue, cells, lavage, animal models and exosomes. 

Blood Specimen Processing and Storage:

The UOHI Biomarker Facility provides training and fee-for-service blood specimen processing (plasma, serum, RNA, DNA, et. al.) for researchers who lack the laboratory equipment, skills or time to conduct their own processing. Storage for samples is also available at our facility at a nominal annual fee.


The facility director, Dr, Peter Liu, manager, Dr. Liyong Zhang, and technologist, Dr. Qiujiang Du, are available to advise researchers on determining the best assay, proper collection strategy and the costs involved to address their scientific questions. This consultation starts at the time of research grant preparation, to assist researchers to build in appropriate budgeting for assay costs, including the cost of consumables and reagents necessary for the proper collection of samples for particular assays.

Biomarker Identification and Validation Fee Structure

Cost for biomarker assay using Cobas e411 analyzer

Assays UOHI & uOttawa Other Academic
  Cost per sample, per testing
hs-TnT $39.00 $59.00
proBNP II $49.00 $69.00
PIGF $29.00 $39.00
sFlt1 $29.00 $39.00
Additional assays may be available. Please enquire.    
Regular Eliza assays $29/sample $39/sample
Using your own kits $10/sample $15/sample

SOMAscan: Aptamer capture for high sensitivity protein biomarker discovery of 1310 proteins

Sample Type Organism Sample # UOHI & uOttawa Other Academic
Serum/plasma Human 24 $890/sample $990/sample


  • For first time SomaScan user, assaying the first 6 samples will be free of charge, please contact us for more information.
  • Bulk discounts are available.
  • Additional species can be run.
  UOHI & uOttawa Other Academic
Blood specimen processing (serum and plasma preparation) $50/sample $75/sample
Samples storage $5/sample/year $8/sample/year

Discounted pricing will be considered if you will be using the testing results for grant proposal purposes. Please contact us for more information.

For general inquiries, please contact :

Dr. Liyong Zhang, Manager
Biomarker Core Facility
Telephone: 613-696-7000, ext 14289

Dr. Qiujiang Du, Technologist
Biomarker Core Facility
Telephone: 613-696-7000, ext 14289

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