Small, Gary

Gary Small, MB, PhD, is a cardiologist and clinician-investigator at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute.


Dr. Small received his medical degree from the University of Wales College of Medicine and his doctorate from the University of Edinburgh. He was then awarded a clinical lectureship in cardiology at the University of Aberdeen, where he completed his residency.

In 2010, Dr. Small came to the Ottawa Heart Institute for a two-year fellowship in cardiac imaging and stayed in Canada to become an associate professor and cardiologist at Thunder Bay Regional Hospital and the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. He specialized in interventional cardiology and cardio-oncology.

He joined the Division of Cardiology at the Ottawa Heart Institute in 2017. In addition to his clinical and research pursuits, he is an active clinical educator.

Research and clinical interests

Dr. Small’s research and clinical interests include the use of cardiac imaging to support clinical decision making, in particular imaging strategies to identify oncology patients at risk of cardiovascular disease and cardiac toxicity from chemotherapy. He is also interested in the predictive value of imaging and plasma biomarkers for cardiovascular outcomes in chemotherapy-induced heart failure.


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Selected Publications

Alhous MH, Small GR, Hannah A, Hillis GS, Frenneaux M, Broadhurst PA.(2015) Right ventricular septal pacing as alternative for failed left ventricular lead implantation in cardiac resynchronization therapy candidates. Europace. 2015 Jan;17 (1):94-100. 

Small GR, Simion O, Alam M, Fuller L, Beanlands RS, Ruddy TD, Chow BJW (2013) Lessons from the Tc99m shortage: Implications of substituting Tl201 for Tc99m Single Photon Emission Tomography. Circulation: Cardiovascular Imaging Sept 6 (5): 683-691

Mascall K, Small GR, Gibson G, Nixon GF, (2012). Sphingosine 1-phosphate inhibits angiogenesis in human arteries via interaction with vascular smooth muscle cells.  Journal of Cell Science May 1;125(Pt9): 2267-75.

Chow BJW, Small GR, Ahmed O, Yam Y, et al. (2011) Prognostic value of 64-slice Cardiac CT in coronary by pass patients: graft patency and left ventricular ejection fraction JACC: Imaging May 4(5) 496:502

Alhous H, Small GR, Hannah A, Hillis GS, Broadhurst P, (2011) Impact of temporary RV pacing from different sites on echocardiographic and electrocardiographic indices of cardiac function. EuroPace 2011 Dec 13(12):1738-46

Small GR, Hadoke PWF, Sharif I, Dover AR, Armour D, Kenyon CJ, Gray GA, Walker BR (2005) Preventing regeneration of glucocorticoids by 11bhydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 enhances angiogenesis and protects against ventricular dysfunction after myocardial infarction. PNAS 102 12165-12170

Dr. Gary Small

Small, Gary

Small, Gary


Appointments and affiliations

Cardiologist and clinician-investigator
University of Ottawa Heart Institute

Associate Professor
University of Ottawa