De Margerie, Michele

Dr. Michele de Margerie works in Prevention and Rehabilitation and is Director of Francoforme Program at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. She is also Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Ottawa.


Dr. de Margerie studied dietetics at Laval University in Quebec City before earning her MD at Sherbrooke University, in Sherbrooke, Quebec. She completed her Family Medicine training at McGill University in Montreal.

Dr. de Margerie was a clinical associate professor at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. She implemented and led a tobacco prevention program in her community. She was a visiting clinician at Sart Tilman University Hospital in Liège, Belgium, where her research focused on metabolic diseases and the interactions of obesity, diabetes and diet.

She is a past recipient of the John Rostant Award for Outstanding Clinical Judgment from McGill University, and is the recipient of the Canadian and American College of Family Practice Certificates.

Dr. de Margerie works at the Minto Prevention and Rehabilitation Centre and has an outpatient practice in Barrhaven.

De Margerie, Michele

De Margerie, Michele

De Margerie, Michele


Appointments and affiliations

Prevention and Rehabilitation

Director, Francoforme Program
University of Ottawa Heart Institute

Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine
University of Ottawa