2022 Videos

Date Speaker Topic
January 17, 2022 Wenbin Liang, PhD
Director, Cardiovascular Electrophysiology Laboratory
University of Ottawa Heart Institute
Weekly Research Conference
Regulation of Cardiac Electrophysiology by Canonical and Noncanonical Wnt Signaling
January 12, 2022 Dr. Kevin Boczar
Cardiology Resident
University of Ottawa Heart Institute
Cardiology Rounds
Guidelines for CAD: “NICE, ACCeptable or ESCentric?”
January 10, 2022 Adam Shuhendler, PhD
Scientist, University of Ottawa Heart Institute
Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biomedical Sciences & Department of Biology, uOttawa Brain and Mind Research Institute
Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in chemical biology
Weekly Research Conference
Chasing Down the Bad Drivers of Pathogenesis with Molecular Imaging
January 5, 2022 Sanjit Jolly, MD
Population Health Research Institute,
Interventional Cardiologist, Hamilton Health Sciences
Professor of Medicine, McMaster University
Grand Rounds
Recent Trials in Interventional Cardiology and the CLEAR OASIS 9 Trial

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