Patient Rights and Responsibilities

The University of Ottawa Heart Institute believes that each person is a unique individual whose nature is physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and social. Each person is entitled to dignity and respect, regardless of circumstances or condition. According to our philosophy:

I have the right to:

  • Receive courteous, competent and timely care;
  • Receive complete and current information regarding all aspects of my care in a manner I understand;
  • Participate with the healthcare team in developing a treatment or care plan that addresses my needs;
  • Obtain a second opinion;
  • Expect that the information gathered concerning my care will be treated in a confidential manner (for more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy);
  • If I wish, designate a person to represent or support me in making decisions about my treatment or care;
  • Be made aware of the names and functions of all members of my healthcare team;
  • Be informed of the hospital policies that apply to me;
  • Express my concerns and receive a timely response;
  • Refuse treatments, except in circumstances stipulated by law (for example, for certain communicable diseases) and be informed of any possible medical consequences of such refusal;
  • Be acknowledged in the language of my choice (English or French); the hospital will provide, if possible, the services of an interpreter to ensure communication with members of the healthcare team is possible.

As a patient, I have the responsibility to:

  • Provide accurate information about my past illnesses, previous hospitalizations and medications;
  • Ask questions about instructions received if these are not clear or cannot be followed;
  • Inform my physician or nurse if I am pregnant or if I suspect such a condition, so that they may consider the possible effects of certain tests or treatments;
  • Be considerate of other patients’ rights and property and ensure that I respect the hospital’s policies, particularly with respect to noise and not smoking;
  • Treat those who look after my needs with courtesy and kindness, always understanding that their obligations toward other patients may limit their availability to me at times;
  • Cooperate fully with hospital and medical staff to ensure the economical use of hospital facilities;
  • Respect the drug and alcohol policy of the hospital which states that bringing or consuming non-prescribed drugs or alcohol in the hospital is strictly forbidden;
  • Respect hospital rules and regulations communicated to me;
  • Arrange settlement of any portion of my account not covered by my health insurance plan before leaving the hospital.

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