Research Studies

Today’s Research Is Tomorrow’s Treatment

The Heart Institute is alive with discovery, ingenuity, insight and invention. As a patient here, you have the opportunity to contribute to improving the quality of care by participating in clinical research studies.

Why does the Heart Institute conduct clinical research?

Clinical research is essential for the advancement of medicine and treatment options. Without clinical research, we would be lacking life saving treatments such as insulin, coronary angiograms (heart catheterizations), angioplasty and cardiac stents, bypass and valve surgery, renal dialysis and organ transplantation.

How is clinical research monitored at the Heart Institute?

All research conducted at the Heart Institute involving human participants must be approved by a group of independent experts, known as the Research Ethics Board (REB). The Board ensures each research study complies with strict regulations designed to protect participants. Once a research study is approved by the REB, health records may be reviewed by researchers to identify eligible research participants.

What does this mean for you?

  • Heart Institute healthcare staff will provide a form asking your permission for researchers to contact you.
  • Signing the permission form does NOT mean you are agreeing to participate in a study. It just permits the researchers to contact you.
  • Deciding not to sign the permission form will NOT affect the care you receive.
  • If you have provided permission, researchers may contact you to discuss your potential for participation in the study.
  • Research participation is completely voluntary!

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Please consider volunteering for a research study today!

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