Organizational chart

Organizational chart of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. Updated March 2024.

Organizational chart of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. Updated March 2024.
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Today's cardiovascular health services take place in a complex and fast-changing medical and technological environment, with high expectations from a well-informed public. To move forward in this environment, the University of Ottawa Heart Institute has made collaboration and group practice the foundation of our work. It takes a team to do what we do.

Our staff work closely together in delivering the highest quality cardiac care. This dedicated focus encompasses families as an integral component of patients’ health care. Multidisciplinary teams, whose members are experts in their field and at the forefront of medical and technical advances, carry out specialized care, teaching, and research.

Specialists in every branch of cardiac care work in tandem to design and deliver heart health services that improve the survival rate and quality of life for heart disease patients.

We are a unique facility that combines the major clinical functions of cardiology, cardiac surgery, anesthesiology, and myocardial imaging and radiology and integrates them functionally and administratively to provide a suite of comprehensive services under one roof.