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Expense Reporting

Disclosure of Travel and Hospitality Expenses

As of April 1, 2011, Ontario hospitals, including the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, are required to make executive expense reports available to the public, in keeping with legislative requirements of the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act (the “Act”) and the Broader Public Sector (BPS) Expenses Directive (“the Directive”). The purpose of the Act and the Directive is to raise the level of accountability and transparency for designated organizations, such as the Heart Institute. Rules around which expenses will be reimbursed from public funds have been established in keeping with the Directive, and are found in the Travel, Meals, Hospitality and Corporate Events Policy (pdf). The Directive regarding the disclosure of expense reimbursements applies to the following individuals in UOHI making an expense claim:

  • Members of the Board of Directors
  • The Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Senior Management that reports to the CEO, which includes:
    • Vice presidents
    • Medical chiefs

Principles of the Directive:

Accountability – The Heart Institute is to be held accountable for public funds used to reimburse travel, meal and hospitality expenses.
Transparency – The Heart Institute is to be transparent to all stakeholders; the rules for incurring and reimbursing travel, meal and hospitality expenses are intended to be clear, easily understood and accessible to the public.
Value for Money – The Heart Institute strives to use taxpayer dollars prudently and responsibly; all plans for travel, meals, accommodation and hospitality are necessary and economical.
Fairness – The Heart Institute will reimburse legitimate authorized expenses incurred during the course of business.

Expense Reports

Consultant Status Reports