Our Mission

Inspired by a unique culture of excellence and innovation, we promote heart health and lead in patient care, research and education.

Our Values

Patients Come First

By relentlessly demonstrating a strong commitment to world-class care and health promotion, our team creates a unique environment for our patients and their families, exceeding their expectations, and offering the best care through integrated clinical practice, education and research in a bilingual setting.

Team Work

We build and foster interdisciplinary teams with blended skills that work well together, and improve outcomes and efficiency, while recognizing the contributions of all.


We are committed to uncompromised excellence, which means believing in the power of innovation, achieving the highest standards by continually measuring quality, seeing change as opportunity, and being a resource to influence health care, education and research beyond our borders.


We are committed to transparency, adhering to the highest moral principles and standards of professionalism, making our Institution accountable
and worthy of trust.


Guided by openness and good communication, we build solid collaborations with other health care facilities, research institutions, universities, regional stakeholders, industry and government in Canada and abroad.