Our Approach

Photo of a nurse walking with a patient

We recognize that the best patient care is not feasible if it is not supported with vibrant research and education. Today’s research is tomorrow’s treatment. This is a reflection of the natural flow of knowledge from “bench to bedside,” from scientific discovery to new forms of treatment. Without research and education, our quality of care could not be maintained.

One of the defining aspects of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute-our “competitive differentiator”-is the degree to which care, education, and research are increasingly integrated. In fact, describing these domains as “pillars” of activity ignores the significant degree of fusion taking place today.

The Heart Institute is populated with surgeons who teach and conduct research, cardiologists who undertake basic science, investigators who operate clinics, among other professionals. As a result, multidisciplinary and integrated teams, expert at spanning the areas of education, research, and patient care, are typically formed to undertake new projects and ventures.

Everyone at the Heart Institute is passionate about curbing and eradicating heart disease. To put our passion into practice, we are committed to the following principles:

  • Patients come first
    We provide outstanding personal and dedicated cardiac care to everyone who needs it. We measure success by our ability to respond to the needs of patients, families, and the communities we serve.
  • Inspiration is key
    We recognize and rely upon the power of innovation and scientific discovery to make a difference in the lives of people and their communities.
  • Collaboration is critical
    The staff works together as a team based on mutual trust and respect. We exchange ideas, information, and experiences as part of a dynamic group practice in possession of diverse complementary skills and knowledge that drive combined action.
  • Build knowledge networks
    We seek and maintain alliances with other health facilities, research institutions, universities, industry, government, and the private sector to better serve our patients and to advance all aspects of health care.
  • Drive to succeed
    We set and live up to the highest standards, while we embrace change as an opportunity to do better.

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