Heart Wise Exercise

Running shoeHeart Wise Exercise works with fitness providers in your community to develop and identify programs and classes that are appropriate for people who want to stay healthy or who may be living with a chronic health condition.

The Heart Wise Exercise logo indicates programs, classes or providers that:

  • Encourage regular, daily aerobic exercise.
  • Incorporate warm up, cool down and self-monitoring with all exercise sessions.
  • Allow participants to exercise at a safe level, and offer options to modify intensity according to your needs.
  • Accept participants with various chronic health conditions, including heart disease. Physician approval may be required.
  • Offer health screening for all participants.
  • Have a documented emergency plan that is known to all exercise leaders. This includes the requirement of current cardiopulmonary resuscitation certification, phone access to local paramedic services, and the on-site presence of an automated external defibrillator (AED).

Heart Wise Exercise programs are available across most of Southern and Eastern Ontario. Visit heartwise.ottawaheart.ca to learn more and use our interactive map to find your closest location.

Download the Champlain Region Brochure

Champlain Region Brochure (pdf)

Program Details

URL: heartwise.ottawaheart.ca
Email: heartwise@ottawaheart.ca
Phone: 613-696-7387

Jennifer Harris
Regional Manager, CVD Prevention and Rehabilitation Outreach
Email: jharris@ottawaheart.ca
Phone: 613-696-7387

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